Seeking Editors and Project Groups

As an indie press, KY Story would like to open the anthologies to other editors and groups. It’s a great opportunity to experience the world of publishing, and have credits to add to your resume and bio. You’d be helping other writers publish at the same time. So send in some kind of proposal, with a one paragraph description, and short bios of who will be editing to

It must be an anthology from an editor or group that has a tie to Kentucky, Appalachia, or the South. The topic, stories, or authors do not have this limitation, however, the anthology can’t have a topic of another region or people. There could possibly be exceptions. You can’t charge a reading fee, however, you could sell the books at profit. You wouldn’t be able to edit and publish your own stories, however, if you had an editing group it might be acceptable.

It would be wonderful if someone out there wanted to publish collections of novellas. There doesn’t seem to be many avenues for novellas.

Poetry or books with odd formatting on the page may not be transferred to ebook format. (It’s problematic, because of each ereader’s ability to scale the font size.)

There will be an approval process. For instance, not much chance “Positive Klan for the Soul” would be approved. “My Big Ole Texas Heart” also wouldn’t be approved. Wrong region. However, if all of the stories were from authors who grew up in Appalachia, then maybe. “Best Dogs” could be approved. We have dogs in our region. Hoping all this makes it clear and not more confusing.

What you’ll do:

Write advertising copy for submissions and book, gather stories, choose stories, acceptance and rejection letters (using template), edit and proofread stories. Book signings, press releases, etc. are optional.

What KY Story will do:

Submit advertising to Duotrope, the Grinder, and other “seeking submission” avenues.

Maintain communication with writers and editors regarding deadlines, book design and formatting, final edit and proofread, rough draft to writers and editors for final approval, publication and distribution. Work out discount codes, free ebook promotions, publicity.

Selections will be considered for Pushcart Prize nominations.

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