KY Story is an indie-publisher that focuses on Kentucky, Appalachian, or Southern authors, settings, or themes. No written works currently considered.

We have recently decided to exhibit work of interest to Kentuckians and all people!

KY Story does not take fees or charge writers or artists.

An indie publisher is different than a traditional publisher in the following ways:

  • Authors have a chance to view and correct a draft of the book.
  • Authors’ input is encouraged in cover text, design, and advertising. Working covers are posted for viewing before you submit your work.
  • Your story will be published in a printed book and ebook, in a very short time span (compared to traditional publishers)
  • Authors are given free digital copies of their books for promotion, and gifts to family and friends.
  • Authors retain rights over their stories.
  • Authors have an option to buy printed books and resale at profit.

Pushcart Nominations for 2016:

Road Story, After the Fall, Ellen Birkett Morris
Empty Nest, Fixing the Phoenix, Rebecca Keller
Empty Nest, First Marriage, Darlene Taylor
Terrible Little Stars, People See, Jessica Lawrence
Lavender Bluegrass, Daddy, Jarred Johnson
Road Story, A Barcelona Runner’s Saga, Anthony Bain

Pushcart Nominations for 2015:

Bully, Victoria Rego, How to Clean Out Your Dead Grandpa’s House
Bully, Steven Brett Shaklan, Let the Lady Stay
Bully, Rice Paddies, Charles Hayes
Getting Old, Online Dating in the Golden Years, Nancy Levinson
Getting Old, One Shade of Grey, Keith Stewart
Getting Old, Clifford Wieck, Ann and Rupert

Pushcart Nominations for 2014:

Redacted, Tantra Bensko, Printed People Eaters
Appalachian Voice, John Vanderslice, Escape to Ash
Appalachian Voice, John Sparks, Fishing with Abraham
Appalachian Voice, Tom Sheehan, Sixty Years Later at a Mid-Earth Pub
Motherlode, Oren Hammerquist, Desert Daddy
Motherlode, Treg Isaacson, Growing Up or Not

Pushcart Nominations for 2013:

Tom Miller, Rest Stop, Peripheral Sex
Cecile Dixon, Coon Huntin’ with Big Elmer, Flash Story
Jesse Lee Wooton, The Way With Family, Flash
Rachael Hamm, Non-Reciprocal, Peripheral Sex
Joseph Mau, Uncle Wally in the Omniverse, Flash
Rebecca Daff, Chunky Monkey, Dysfunctional Family

About the Editor

Ashley Parker Owens is an artist, poet, and writer living in Richmond, Kentucky. She has lived in San Francisco in an ashram, and in Chicago where she helped with the Second Underground Press Conference and created the international mail art publication called Global Mail. Ashley has two MFAs: one in Creative Writing at Eastern Kentucky University and the other in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. More info at https://ashleyparkerowens.wordpress.com.

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