“Contract” between Author and KY Story

KY Story

AGREEMENT/TERMS as of 8/15/2013

When you sent in your submission, and it was accepted, both parties agreed to the terms in this document.


The Author hereby grants and assigns KY Story the one-time right to publish a print and ebook anthology in all countries of the world using your story. After one-time use in the publication, all rights revert to the author. The story can then be republished or reused. No permission needs to be sought from the Publisher.

Submissions from Author can be previously published. This is encouraged. Verify any permissions questions with previous publisher before submission.

Keep in mind that if your submission is not a reprint, Author may be forfeiting first publication and other rights.

KY Story gives preference to Kentucky, Appalachian, and Southern writers. You do not have to reside in the Kentucky, Appalachia, or the South to claim this status.


The Author represents that he is the sole proprietor of the Work and that the Work to the best of his knowledge does not contain any libelous matter and does not violate the civil rights of any person or persons, does not infringe any existing copyright. The Author shall hold harmless and indemnify the Publisher from any recovery finally sustained by reason of any violations of copyright or other property of personal right; provided, however, that the Publisher shall with all reasonable promptness notify the Author of any claim or suit which may involve the warranties of the Author hereunder; and the Author agrees fully to cooperate in the defense thereof.


The Author agrees to deliver to the publisher a bio and a one sentence description of the story with submission. Only digital submissions and correspondence are accepted.


The Publisher agrees to publish the Work in book form not later than twelve months after the delivery of the completed Work. Authors have an option to remove their work after acceptance, if the anthology has not yet gone to print.

It is understood that the Kindle ebook version of the anthology (if created) will be available exclusively through Amazon KDP program for the first 90 days, where it will be offered for free sometime during this time period as  a special promotion. A PDF version will be available for free on the website. PDF versions are given to all participants for their use in promoting their work, and are encouraged to give away free copies to whoever they want. Participants cannot charge others for the PDF version. Authors should note that digital versions of the anthology may show up on the internet.

Publisher will not seek removal of pirated copies. If they wish, Authors can seek removal by contacting each website to ask for removal.


The Publisher will edit and proofread stories. Typically, the edits are ‘light’ and include removal of excess adverbs, ‘saidisms,’ redundancies, typos, misspelled words, etc. Publisher will submit the copy-edited manuscript in rough draft form to the Author for approval. The Author agrees to return corrections to the Publisher within seven (7) days. If no document is returned in ten days, it is considered consent to publish.


No fees are charged to the authors.

No royalties are paid to the authors. (keep reading!)

Author receives anthology in PDF and any generated ebook formats for dispersal by electronic means for publicity, sharing, submittal to libraries, and any other use.

The print version is available to Authors close to cost. A coupon will be issued for your use to keep the purchase price of the book under $15 on the Createspace store.

Author has the option to buy books in bulk at a discount, to sell for profit at book fairs, book readings, fairs, bookstores, etc. at the retail price. None of the profits need to be returned to the publisher. None of the sales by Authors can be offered by internet, since this would conflict with agreements with online publishers.


It is expected each author in an anthology will try to advertise their anthology using social media, traditional print, word of mouth, or other media. It is requested that each author ask associates and family for reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. Each participant is requested to write reviews for other anthologies.


All anthologies have Expanded Distribution through Amazon. Most online retailers, bookstores, and libraries find books through purchasing relationships with large distributors. If your book is not listed with these distributors, some retailers may not be able to buy your book, even if a customer specifically requests your title. Through Expanded Distribution you can distribute and make your title available for order (this does not guarantee that your book will actually be ordered).


Any controversy or claim arising out of this agreement or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration. But it is easier to email so Publisher can work out a solution with the Author.


Any written notice will be delivered by electronic means. It is requested that author check email frequently for instructions.


The Publisher shall offer the Author a rough draft of the book, including jacket or cover design, and including the interior text. Author has the option to opt out, or make changes to text before the publishing date.


KY Story will not give any information about authors to third parties without prior consent. Note that published bio information may be the only method of public contact.

Pushcart Award nominations will be approved before submissions are sent.

When you sent in your submission, and it was accepted, both parties agreed to the terms in this document.

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